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Woodland Park massage practitioner changing field with invention

Posted: 5:36 PM, Aug 18, 2019


Updated: 8:41 PM, Aug 18, 2019


By: Tyler Dumas

WOODLAND PARK — A massage practitioner in Woodland Park is changing the field with her invention.

Lyla Keeler says her new massage table came about through her own frustration. She noticed it was difficult to get in the best position to properly treat her clients becasue of the boxy shape of traditional tables.

"I couldn't get closer to the table to apply certain techniques to help him to have more range of motion. And so as I'm getting very agitated all these ideas started flooding through my head and I went home and started drawing up plans," Keeler said.

Those plans became the 'LMT One" table that has 7 cut out sections to allow therapists better access to their patients.

Now that the prototype is finished, Lyla and her husband are starting to produce additional units for sale.

More information is available on the table's website.

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