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More Testimonials

"I have been a client of Lyla's for about nine years. I am a nurse and would consider myself to be a difficult patient to massage due to to the damage my body has accumulated from caring for patients for nineteen years. The LMT1 table is sturdy and it was easy for me as a client to mount, dismount, and roll side to side on this table. I felt comfortable with or without use of the bolster and my legs were easily moved throughout the massage. The table design allowed Lyla to use the bodies natural function to achieve maximum results and simultaneously allowed her to stand in a more natural position as well. Overall, this table is a benefit to both client and therapist and will revolutionize patient care. As a client, I prefer to get a massage on the LMT1 table compared to the traditional designs because of the effectiveness of the experience."

-Julie A. RN, Nurse Practitioner, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have to take a moment and brag on a fellow colleague of mine. Lyla Keeler has officially changed the massage game forever!! She has invented the massage table that my body has been needing since I entered the profession 16 years ago! Nothing, I mean NOTHING, on the market in the massage table game!!

This table allows for better stretching and techniques being applied to the client with the removal of the risk of injury to me, the therapist! I just placed my order and my custom LMTable is being made!! My body is going to thank me daily for the rest of my career. I know it."

-Patti Weichenthal, LMT, Colorado

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