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"Lyla has a professional and healing touch. The unique design of her table creates a more relaxed position and allows her to apply techniques and address muscle tension in a way traditional tables can't- while also reducing strain on her body. I highly recommend Lyla's services."

-Dr. Ashlyn Lanes, DC, Client, & Chiropractor

"As a massage therapist myself for 7 years, I was able to receive a massage on the LMT1 by Lyla. I have always known my hips have been tight, as I was side-lying, Lyla was able to get more mobility in my hips. Because when I stood up, I had to use the wall to hold myself up. I was definitely massage drunk. I did not want to get up after the massage, I just wanted to stay there all day. I also had the chance to work on a client that was on the table and I will say I was able to focus on the client than worrying about my body mechanics.

-Brandy, LMT from Wisconsin


"Lyla's table allowed her to focus on my body's needs (fixing my injuries) rather than maneuvering around a boxy and non-functional table. I was able to go back to training."

-Brittany, Client

"The unique design of this table is an ergonomic masterpiece. Not only will the client enjoy a more relaxed position but, the therapist can better apply leverage with reduced strain to his/her own body."

-Dr. David Powell, D.C.

"I would like to thank you Lyla for the new table invention it was amazing the massage that I got today I've ever had in my life. The flexibility and mobility and able to stretch using the cutouts with my legs helped my knees tremendously the difference in the top where my head went and able to stretch and reach my shoulders I feel amazing. I felt comfortable on the table the padding was great and comfortable able to totally relax so glad you have made this table."

-Kelly, Client

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